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Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 7: "A Man Without Honor" ended with several bangs. Did Theon seriously just kill Bran and Rickon? Is Cat about to slice off Jaime's head in anger? What will happen to Jon?

In this preview for Season 2, Episode 8: "The Prince of Winterfell"  (airing May 20), Ygritte hands Jon over to the other Wildlings, Dany declares she will not leave Qarth without her dragons, Robb wants to hunt someone down, Yara seems less than impressed with Theon's big success, Tywin is leaving Harrenhall and it sounds like Arya might be appealing to Jaqen to kill him, and Tyrion and Cersei are more at odds than ever.

Catch that and more in this preview for the episode.

Credit: HBO Photo: Game of Thrones Promo: Season 2, Episode 8: ""The Prince of Winterfell" (VIDEO)

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