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It's official: Mr. Feeny is back for more words of wisdom.

We were thrilled when actor William Daniels  who played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World  was photographed on the Girl Meets World set this week, and now it has been revealed that Mr. Feeny will appear on the new show, according to TVLine.

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We were worried that perhaps the actor was just stopping by the set to say hi, but Feeny will in fact be seen on the show, although it is unclear what he'll be doing.

We know that Cory Matthews will be a history teacher on the new series, as Mr. Feeny was, so maybe Feeny will be working at the school, too? Or maybe he'll be a neighbor of Cory and Topanga's, since he was a neighbor of Cory's family on the original show.

However, in sadder news, Boy Meets World stars Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) and Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) were also spotted on the set this week, but they will not appear in the Girl Meets World pilot. Bummer.

Regardless, we thought we couldn't possibly get any more excited about Girl Meets World, and yet it keeps happening! 

Source: TVLine