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We were overjoyed to hear about the birth of Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s son, Edward Duke, last month. Now, the happy couple has shared the latest pic of their bundle of joy!

While appearing on the Today show yesterday, Giuliana revealed this adorable picture to host Savannah Guthrie

“I look at that picture 10 times a day, and I still coo when i see it,” gushed Giuliana. “He’s so cute!”

When asked how motherhood has treated her so far, the E! News host admitted it’s been a tough but rewarding road.

“I’m definitely doing all of the night feedings,” Giuliana said. “Bill and I fight over who’s gonna feed him, just because we struggled so long to have a baby, that now that he’s here we’re not going to complain.”

Source: Today

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Credit: Today Photo: Giuliana Rancic Talks Motherhood and Breast Cancer Awareness on the Today Show

Source: Today