Actors are always trying to make it big on Broadway. But make it barf on Broadway? Not so much.

According to Page Six, Paul Rudd was doing his thespian thing Wednesday during the Broadway play Grace when, as one witness put it, "A drunk guy vomited over the railing onto about a dozen audience members seated in the orchestra, right in the middle of one of Rudd’s big monologues."

The witness said there was "mass chaos" for a few minutes but the cast members kept going without interruption. The show must go on! The drunk guy was ushered out of the building and was treated by paramedics in front of the theater. The staff reportedly helped the barfed-on patrons clean up, and Paul thanked the audience in the end for sticking with them.

At least it was a memorable show, especially for the people on the receiving end. Yuck!

Source: Page Six

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