Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC © 2012 NBCUniversal, Inc. Photo: Nikki Blonsky on Smash

Smash fans, if you’re imagining new character Margo in a pastel poodle skirt tearing up the dancefloor while enacting social change, there’s a reason: It’s Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky guest-starring on the show!

Margo is prickly producer Jerry’s assistant on Smash — and for Nikki, it’s a helluva role, and not just because it reunites her with Hairspray producers Craig Meron and Neil Zadan.

“She’s extremely driven and wants to please everybody, but I’d say her best quality is probably also her worst quality,” Nikki tells

But she’s not at all like the much-derided assistant Ellis. “Even though she is on Jerry’s side, she’s got a really big heart and just wants to do good.”

Nikki made her Smash debut on the March 5 episode and appears again in the March 12 installment. And as for her big-screen pursuits? She’s starring in upcoming comedy Georgraphy Club.

Good to see ya, Nikki!