For his birthday, it sounds like Harry Styles was going crazy, crazy, crazy until he saw the sun.

The One Direction cutie celebrated his 19th birthday on February 1 at a club in London, where his pals got him a stripper, according to The Sun.

Harry, along with 1D bandmate Niall Horan, partied at Rita's Bar and Grill.

While they were there, the stripper showed up dressed as a police officer and proceeded to give Harry a lap dance in which she stripped down to her underwear. Lucky girl.

Pictures of the stripper doing her thang in Harry's lap can be seen here

Apparently, Harry was "shocked" by the stripper, as Niall says he has "never seen him so scared before." Um, we doubt Harry is frightened by a stripper, but we'll pretend he's Mr. Innocent for now.

The group then moved on to another club, Alibi's, where they partied until 4:30 a.m. We're getting sleepy just thinking about it, but that's just us.

In the pictures from the evening, Harry is wearing an adorable heart-pattern shirt. And yes, that heart shirt is one more "little thing" that makes him beautiful.

This is the second consecutive evening Harry has spent celebrating his birthday, as he was partying the night before with an ex-girlfriend.

Now we're just going to wish we had become strippers so we could have possibly been hired to dance for Harry. Oh, what might have been.

Source: The Sun, The Mirror