Credit: Camp Sunshine Photo: Beau Mirchoff Stars in Camp Sunshine Web Series

You know him best as teen heartthrob Matty McKibben on MTV’s hit scripted series Awkward, but Beau Mirchoff is taking on a new and slightly more inappropriate persona in Camp Sunshine, a funny web series about aimless camp counselors in suburban Los Angeles. That is, if he can raise $28,000 by February 8.

Beau and writer-director Kanin Guntzelman (the genius behind Camp Sunshine) are crowd-sourcing via Kickstarter to turn their idea for the webseries into a reality.

“I met Kanin a few years back in an improv class,” he told Wetpaint Entertainment. “He came to me with a script, and I genuinely thought it was hysterical and unique. It has a lot of heart, so I knew from that instance that I wanted to be a part of this thing... We decided to go the grassroots way and create a Kickstarter because we wanted to keep that creative integrity.”

Thanks in part to support from his fans, they have roughly $11,500 to go. Beau, who admittedly was an early skeptic of Twitter, has taken to social media to help spread the word about the indie project.

“I’m happy I came around finally,” Beau said. “My girlfriend was right! She was like, ‘You need to be on Twitter,’ and I was like, ‘Screw Twitter! What am I going to do? Tell the world what I’m doing?’ I couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s such a great interactive way to keep in contact with your fans. Honestly, without Twitter and social media, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Credit: Matthias Clamer/MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: TV's Sexiest Cast: Awkward.

As for the what pledgers can expect in return for helping fund the project, fans can even score a Skype session and/or a dinner with Beau himself!

“If any fans have any unique desires for pledges, I’m open to anything. Obviously, I will have to draw the line at some point, but I’m open to creative thoughts!”

Does that mean we can expect Beau to pull a Matty and go shirtless? Never say never. “The obligatory shirtless scene! We forgot to add that to the list. I think I get enough of those on Awkward... I’ll think about that one.” 

Did we mention that Beau really loves summer camp? Not only did he enjoy many childhood summers at camp on a lake -- “I think all summer camps are on a lake,” he joked -- but Matty seems to have a thing for summer camp too. 

“Where did Matty go at the end of Season 2? Summer camp.” 

Speaking of Awkward, which the cast begins filming next week, Beau says Matty and Jenna “are together, but they have their problems.” 

“If they don’t communicate soon, things will end badly.” 

Pledge to Camp Sunshine here