Credit: TLC/Chris Fraticelli Photo: The Redneck Game Are a Family Affair For Honey Boo Boo

Are ya'll ready for this week's roundup of inspirational musings from our personal guru, the one and only Honey Boo Boo? Everything that comes out of this gal's mouth is a precious gift that needs to be savored and/or transformed into a haiku  so sit back, relax, and redneckognize.

Also, feel free to share this moment with Glitzy Pig (aka a platter of bacon).

10. Chickadee describes her contractions: "Ow, it's going through my va-jay-jay."
OMG, the biscuit is bakin'!

9. Honey Boo Boo worries about the baby: "It's gonna smell like poop when she poops."
Sigh, so wise and astute.

8. Pumpkin chats about her weight gain goal: "That's an awesome goal. That's the second thing besides my butthole piercing."
Annnnd, we're heaving into a brown paper bag.

7. Honey Boo Boo explains her digestive system: "When my belly hurts, it's usually gas. Or too many chicken nuggets."
Worth it every time. 

6. Honey Boo Boo gets her safety on: "Mama, this life jacket makes me look like a chunky lemon!"
Why must she be so adorable and twee?

5. Mama reveals her one regret: "I don't straddle things very well."
By "things" she means Sugar Bear.

4. Honey Boo Boo prepares herself for the water park: "I hope I don't see a bunch of wedgies at the waterpark. Vagiggle jaggles gonna be hanging out, though."
You is good, you is kind, you is important.

3. Honey Boo Boo eggs on Mama: "C'mon, Mama. Show your forklift foot!"
Please don't. No, please...our eyes!

2. Honey Boo Boo writes an impromptu limerick: "Spray tan's like poop in a can."
She's a poet and she didn't know it!

1. Honey Boo Boo wins big: "Here comes the kwaaaaaaahhhhhhnnnnn!"
Translation: Here comes the queeeeeeeen!

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