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All due respect to finale host Mick Jagger (and those who came before him — well, except you, Lindsay Lohan *shrug*), we think Saturday Night Live missed a great opportunity this season — the opportunity to have one of the funniest breakout stars of this TV season, Max Greenfield (a.k.a. Schmidt on New Girl), grace the Studio 8H stage as host.

Greenfield’s freak-of-all-trades (cleanliness, fitness, sexual prowess) character is arguably the number-one reason we’ve tuned into the Zooey Deschanel-led Fox show each week. Over the comedy’s freshman season, Schmidt has evolved from a Grade A, kimono-wearing d-bag with too many lovers to a loveable one-woman man with minor d-bag tendencies.

But hope is not lost! SNL will eventually return, and a new season will be a chance to correct this wrong. So here are 5 reasons why Lorne Michaels and co. should totally consider putting Max Greenfield at the top of their Must-Host List for Season 38. 

1. He’s a die-hard fan

So much so that Greenfield had an SNL-themed bar mitzvah. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor proudly shared details of said event — and didn’t hesitate to suggest showing it during his opening monologue if he ever hosts. For that reason alone, the booking department should be scrambling to get him.

2. He’s not afraid to act a fool for the fun of it

Sure it’s his job to say and do crazy s**t on New Girl, but the guy will also turn it all the way up just because he can. After Vulture ran this mock fitness video cover of Greenfield as Schmidt, Greenfield decided to make the writer’s/Photoshop master's dream a reality by shooting an amazing spin-class vid — complete with spandex shorts, a synthpop soundtrack, and epic one-liners (“Quad DOMINANCE, quad DOMINANCE!”).

Credit: YouTube (via TVLine) Photo: New Girl Hilarity: Schmidt Is Majorly Obsessed With Spinning (VIDEO)

3. He can: Teach Me How to Schmidty...

When his New Girl co-star and twee princess Zooey Deschanel hosted SNL in February, she got major laughs for a sketch in which she poked fun at her inflated public persona as a super quirky girl who loves “vintage clothes” and purring like a kitten. We can totally see Greenfield doing the same, only as his character Schmidt. Andy Samberg could play Schmidt (that is, if he’s still around next season), and they could call it “Bein’ Douchey With Schmidt” (which was pretty much the premise for Season1, Episode 10, "The Story of the 50").

4. We need an intervention from watching this over and over and over... *presses play*

Credit: Youtube Photo: New Girl LOL: Schmidt's 2008 Dating Video Looks a Lot Like The Hills (VIDEO)

5. Because more people need to watch New Girl

The new FOX show had a shaky start at first, but eventually the cast found its groove — and we were sold! Unfortunately, there are many, many people who are still not hip to the hilarity that is this dysfunctional Three’s Company (give or take a few companions), so what better way to fill up the New Girl bandwagon than with the runaway star doing what he does best on the SNL stage? We think we can all agree that it would be a crime to go through life without ever knowing Schmidt...

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