... Beyoncé!

Life & Style asked Jenna Dewan-Tatum for her biggest celeb crush and she went with Mama B: "I have a major girl crush on her. I mean, she's a queen!"

What a great wife to not answer with a hot male Hollywood celeb to make her hubby jealous. Then again, when you’re married to Channing Tatum there aren’t that many hotter guys to answer.

Jenna could’ve gone with her American Horror Story co-star Adam Levine, which would've been fair since she already talked about how "super-nice" he is — and they had an intimate chemistry test together. She also could’ve picked buddy George Clooney, although maybe that would’ve been awkward since the Tatums are close with George and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Instead, Jenna picked a gorgeous woman, which probably made Channing very happy.

For his part, Channing played a version of The Newlywed Game with Entertainment Tonight, getting most of the questions right about Jenna. He knew that his wife was a vegan (which you would expect) and loves to eat tons of vegetables. He also answered correctly that her favorite piece of clothing is high heels. The only thing he got "wrong" was the question about what we might be surprised to know about her. Jenna answered that she's obsessed with fairies. (!) Channing went with the fact that she paints — although, he said, not nearly as much as she should. Aww!

The cuties are now starring together, as a couple, in 10 Years. What do you think? Are they your biggest celeb couple crush?

Sources: Life & Style, Huffington Post, ET

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