Not welcome on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Mayonnaise and Crazy Tony.

In November, TMZ shared a funky story about Honey Boo Boo's "cousin" Crazy Tony getting arrested with some friends after a strange (and dangerous) gorilla suit prank on a Georgia highway.

Now TMZ says this Crazy Tony guy — who is just a family friend, not really a cousin to anyone on the show — is not welcome to return to the TLC show because Mama June herself wants to keep the show "family oriented." "We love him as a friend," she told TMZ, "but that [gorilla suit prank] was a crazy story."

Tony wasn't happy about being kicked off the show, telling TMZ, "TV's changed that family."

Maybe they're getting smarter. Actually, they're kind of turning into mini Kardashians — just in the sense of getting savvy about branding. Mama June's being wise with her kids' finances from the show, and doing damage control when it comes to their preferred image on the show. Do we have another Kris Jenner momager in the making?

Source: TMZ