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On September 10, 2012 Bachelor Ben Flajnik  blew out 30 candles on his birthday cake. That’s right, our latest Bachelor is all grown up — but that didn’t stop the birthday boy from celebrating all weekend long! Ben chronicled the fun on Twitter, and we followed along because we’re pretty sure our party invitation got lost in the mail — right, Ben?

Friday: Romantic Dinner With Lady-Love

Ben kicked off the fun with by sharing a meal with his fiancee Courtney Robertson. He tweets, “Welp. My 30th birthday festivities start tonight. A dinner with none other than the lovely @bugrobertson in the city I love the most, San Francisco. #happycamper.” We’re guessing they probably went to Marlowe — his favorite restaurant in the city. Before you start thinking it’s restraining order time, we promise we only know that because Courtney told us.

Saturday: Pirate Pinata Party in Hot Pink Shorts

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We’re not sure Ben’s party theme here — pink shorts, eye patches and pinatas sound like a state school sorority hazing — but Ben had a big ol’ birthday bash on Angel Island, a gorgeous state park in the San Francisco Bay. He shares, “A picture of my birthday party yesterday out at angel island. The piñata didn't Stand a chance after we were done with it. What a great day!” The only thing to make it greater — if the pinata were stuffed with Neil Lane diamonds. Hey, we hear Ben knows a guy.

Sunday: Watch Football

Seriously. Ben can’t stop tweeting his love for the 49ers, and gets super-excited about playing fantasy football and watching hours of commercials all day. Sigh. We know it can’t be all vineyards and cuisine all the time — sometimes a dude’s gotta be a dude.

Monday: Officially Get Older, Share Contemplative Photos

Credit: Twitter Photo: Ben Reflects on Life Looking Out on the San Francisco Bay

Finally, the day of Ben’s birth, but the party’s kind of starting to mellow out. He says, “I can't believe I am turning 30 today. [...] I had so much fun and am Loving my 30's already. #old.” He then marks the occasion by sharing a reflective pic of himself, clutching a bottle of wine while he ferries across the San Francisco Bay, the marine air whipping through his hair as he looks across the water. We know — metaphors, right?

Source: Ben Flajnik’s Twitter

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