Pregnant Kate Middleton is getting the palace all ready for its soon-to-arrive inhabitant!

Kate and Prince William are expecting their first child later this year, and Kate has been making sure that the home is baby-ready, according to People.

A source says that Kate has been looking for decorating supplies to prepare for the baby's arrival  and that she's loving being pregnant.  

"She's finally getting a chance to enjoy her pregnancy," says an insider, now that her morning sickness is behind her. "It's a fabulous time." 

Kate has also been getting plenty of gifts from well-wishers, including a chocolate Easter bunny that she was handed at a charity event on March 19. 

About the chocolate bunny, she said she would "pass that to William... and make sure he doesn't eat it all himself!" 

C'mon, Kate  you get to eat for two, but Will doesn't? No fair!

Source: People