Credit: Refinery 29

Tina Fey, Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Stewart — these ladies know how to make glasses look gorgeous. Right?

But when we wear even our most fashionable frames, it’s like we woke up on the wrong side of Frumptown — we worry we look tired, or that our eyes look too small. That’s why we rejoiced over this video by the style gurus over at Refinery 29!  

Watch this simple step-by-step eye makeup tutorial for how to make sure our peepers don’t get swallowed by our spectacles. Some of our favorite expert tips? Avoid using gray shadow or cool tones — those can make you look like you’ve got a black eye. Another trick is to skip liner on the lower lash line, because it’ll just enhance dark circles, making you look tired. Who knew!

Source: Refinery 29

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Credit: Refinery 29 Photo: Makeup Lessons For Gals With Glasses