Color us worried.

Retired actress Amanda Bynes has been photographed getting into her car, bra exposed, lilac hair in full bloom, with a band aid peeling off the back of her heel.

Not only that, but her car’s back tires are up on the curb, and, according to photo agency Pacific Coast News, Amanda was caught on camera texting while driving.

Texting and driving is illegal in California, not to mention frowned upon everywhere else. Hello! Glee covered it!

Credit: David Tonnessen, Photo: Amanda Bynes in Car Up on Curb

Amanda, we love you, but lately you’ve been a kind of a mess. First, you dyed your hair lilac. Then, shortly thereafter (April 6), you were arrested for a DUI after sideswiping a police car. And now you're driving while texting? On their own, these actions are cause for concern, but combine them all and you're verging on Lindsay Lohan territory.

Personally, we’d rather see her off the police blotter and back on the big screen.

Will Amanda leave retirement and her life of partying behind? We hope so, because, Amanda, that’s What [We] Like About You

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