Katie Holmes, 34, is in no rush to move on with a new boyfriend, but she's reportedly gotten close to 29-year-old musician Peter Cincotti.

A source told Grazia magazine the two have been on "a few dates." Even though it's the "early days," they met up at the New York Observer's 25th anniversary party. "They have a lot in common — he's a total stage buff." (Get a look at him here. He’s pretty cute.) OK! Magazine said the two have been friends for years, but only recently started dating.

However, Katie's spokesperson told the Daily Mail the dating rumors are false.

Then again, put yourself in Katie's shoes. What would you tell your rep to say, if you were linked to someone wrongly — or if you were in the early stages of dating someone? Would you have them stick to "no comment" no matter what, or deny every rumor so people don't pick up the scent and follow this guy around thinking he might be your new boyfriend? Not saying she is dating this guy, but if you're as famous as she is (thanks mostly to Tom Cruise), you probably want to find a way to date a guy without scaring him away.

Sources: Daily Mail, OK! Magazine