Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Even when caked in walker gore, The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes oozes sex appeal with that gentle-yet-commanding southern twang. But is his accent real, or is actor Andrew Lincoln just putting it on for the show?

We’ll start with the bad news: It’s fake. But the good news more than makes up for that minor disappointment: Andrew is British, so his real accent is, like, 10 times hotter.

Here’s a video from San Diego Comic-Con 2012 in which Andrew, 39, discusses trading his native Britishisms for that gravelly drawl. “We’re lucky we film down in the south and that the dialect is of that area,” he says. “If you live and work around people that are in the same ballpark dialect, it really, really helps. In fact, I’m like a sponge, I just sort of absorb inflection.”  

Credit: YouTube Photo: The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan on Their Fake American Accents (VIDEO)

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