Credit: Josephine Santos/Pacific Coast News Photo: Ashton Kutcher Is Spotted With a Mystery Woman in June 2011

Things aren't looking too good for Ashton Kutcher. Hot on the heels of reports of his infidelity, photos of the actor leaving the Roosevelt Hotel with an unidentified young woman have surfaced. The woman in question looks very much like Sara Leal, the 23-year-old woman that has identified as Ashton’s one-night stand.

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Here's where the story gets more complicated. Ashton and Sara’s alleged hook-up was supposed to have taken place in the wee hours of the morning on September 24, but the pics were taken in June. If Sara is in fact the blonde in the car, that would seem to imply a full-blown, months-long affair. Eesh.

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Our advice to Ashton: Don’t waste the $250,000. At this point, it’s too late to hush anyone.

Source: Pacific Coast News