Kristen Bell recently revealed she would return to host the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards — and she said she'd have a new co-host for the 2013 show, which airs June 5 at 8 p.m. on CMT.

Last year her co-host was Toby Keith. This year it was revealed to be ... Jason Aldean, who recently split from his wife after his cheating scandal with an American Idol contestant. He took a lot of heat for that from fans, but he's in for this year, now showing off his love for new mom Kristen and her beloved former TV show/upcoming movie, Veronica Mars: "Badass shirt @IMKristenBell Lookin forward to hosting #CMTAwards with ya. now to finish my Veronica Mars marathon..."

What do you think about Jason as co-host? Will you be watching the show?

Source: @Jason_Aldean