And here we thought Blue Ivy’s $80K Barbie doll was a lot! The other half lives well, kids.

Beyonce rocked the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, and sources told the Daily Star her husband, Jay-Z, celebrated her big night by spending more than $170,000 on a post-show party.

Since the report came out of the U.K., the amounts were all in pounds, translated to U.S. dollars. It’s not clear how they would even know how much was spent, but they sound pretty specific. For example, the source says Jay-Z gave B a £60,000 ($93,858) diamond-encrusted watch, which had “Mrs. Carter” engraved on the back. Jay also reportedly spent around $78,000 on champagne, wasting one bottle’s worth $15,000 by pouring it over Beyonce and her Destiny’s Child bandmates’ heads.

''They were all laughing and dancing and didn't seem to mind getting their hair getting wet,” the source said. “He even soaked all of their hickory chicken wings and club sandwiches.” Now those $15K champagne-soaked chicken wings could almost get you through a year of college!

Source: Contactmusic