The tribe has spoken.

Jeff Probst's daytime talk show has been canceled in its first season, according to Entertainment Weekly. Jeff continues to host Survivor, which makes its Season 26 (!) premiere tonight on CBS.

“We believe Jeff is an incredible talent, and that he and his dedicated producing team delivered quality episodes throughout the season,” says the studio.  ”Unfortunately, the audience isn’t there to support a second year.”

The show will continue to air new episodes throughout the rest of this season.

Jeff sounded disappointed but upbeat about the decision. 

“I’m super bummed but extremely proud," he said. "The truth is all shows come to an end.  Ours just ended a decade sooner than we had hoped.”

It's been a tough month for daytime chat shows, as Ricki Lake's new talk show was recently canceled in its first season as well.

We suppose it's not easy for a new talk show to survive.

Source: Entertainment Weekly