Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Photo: Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Bush Hager and her husband Henry Hager welcomed their first child — a baby girl! — on Saturday in New York City.

The news was delivered by none other than George W. Bush, via Facebook. Apparently when you leave the Oval Office you have plenty of time to act as your daughter's publicist.

“Laura and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our grandchild, Margaret Laura ‘Mila’ Hager,” W wrote. “Mila, daughter of Jenna and Henry Hager, is named for her grandmothers. She was born last night, April 13, at 8:43pm in New York City. We met our beautiful granddaughter today. Jenna and Mila are healthy. And our family is elated."

Aww! Jenna had her baby shower on April 2 and got some cute gifts for the baby, but one pretty sexy gift for herself. Once she and Henry get used to life with sweet little Mila, we hope she finds time to enjoy that gift. For now, congrats to the elated former First Family!

Sources: Facebook, People 


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Credit: TODAY Photo: Meet Baby Mila: George W. Bush, Jenna and Family Show Off Newborn