Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It looks like Jenna Jameson can go back to partying full-time, because she won’t be playing mommy for much longer.


The 39-year-old former “queen of porn” has relinquished custody of  her twin boys, Jesse and Journey, to their father, former MMA fighter Tito Ortiz.


According to reports, Tito was concerned about his 4-year-old sons’ safety in Jenna’s presence, due to her erratic behavior, and so he has since become their primary caregiver.


While there has been no official statement indicating a split between Jenna and Tito, TMZ reports that Jenna has moved out of the couple’s shared home in Huntington Beach.

 News of the new custody arrangement comes just one week after Jenna was arrested for allegedly beating her assistant with a brass knuckle iPhone case. While no charges stuck, Jenna did get slapped with a restraining order.


It sounds like she’s on the right track to make a rehab announcement or an E! Special very soon.

 Source: TMZ