Credit: @jennirivera

Unfortunately, there are few quicker boosts for an album's sales than the death of the artist — and Jenni Rivera is no exception.

A public memorial for Jenni is being held today in Los Angeles, to honor the singer who died in a plane crash on December 9. Also this week, Billboard revealed the most recent Nielsen SoundScan tracking for the week ending December 16, and it showed a huge increase for Jenni's music.

According to Billboard, her overall catalog of albums sold 64,000 last week, which is up 1,014% from 6,000 the week before. Also, she sold 85,000 songs last week, which is up 639% from the 12,000 the week before. Also, Jenni's singles got 14,691 plays in the week ending December 15 across all monitored U.S. radio stations, which is up 390% from the previous week.

If there’s a silver lining at all to her death, it’s that she was able to reach a new audience and made many new fans. And she will be missed.

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