Amazon’s LOVEFiLM released their annual Top 20 Actresses Under 30 list, and is it any surprise that Hunger Games starlet Jennifer Lawrence nabbed the number-one spot for the second year in a row? After her Academy Award-nominated performance in last year’s Winter’s Bone, J-Law continued her strong showing on the big screen in a little movie called The Hunger Games (a.k.a. The Box Office Killa).

LOVEFiLM predicts a stellar future for the 21-year-old actress, whose upcoming roles opposite Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, as well as in X-Men and Hunger Games sequels, helped her score the number-one spot above hot names like Anne Hathaway (#2), Emma Stone (#8), and Kristen Stewart (#9).

Check out the full list of LOVEFiLM’s Top 20 Under 30 here.

Source: LOVEFiLM