Is this creepy, or a way to keep Hollywood history alive? It depends on how you look at it, we suppose.

Several clothing items worn by Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook  including a sports bra that she wore during dance rehearsal scenes  have been sold at auction, according to Deadline.

Among the items sold were a pair of white pants that Jen wore in the ballroom-dancing scene, which sold for $3,493.

A wool winter coat item that she wore in the film fetched $4,652, which was the highest-grossing item.

And that teal sports bra and blue shirt that she filmed dance rehearsal scenes in? Those together went for a cool $3,175.

Apparently, the auction house made far more money on Jennifer Lawrence's clothes than it was expecting.

So what does someone do with a sports bra worn by the Oscar-winning Hunger Games star? We're afraid to ask.

Source: Deadline