Credit: Shape Photo: Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape cover

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been on the cover of Shape before, but she's turning 34 on February 21, and it means a lot to her to be asked to return at this point.

"I'm getting ready to turn 34, so it's a very big deal to be asked to be in a bathing suit, 'cause I feel like in Hollywood sometimes when you're an actress at 34 they're like 'You should just pack your bags,'" The Client List star told Shape, laughing. "So it's really nice to be asked to be on the cover in a bikini and do it again."

The former Party of Five actress has also changed her beauty routine over time. "As I'm getting older I'm definitely realizing that less makeup and more moisturizer is a big thing for me in my life. People tend to go 'You look very fresh and rested today' [when she wears little makeup]. When I tend to pile on makeup and do powder like I used to, they're like, 'You look really tired!'"

JLove added that she has no idea how much she weighs and doesn't look at a scale. She just goes by how she feels in her clothes. Based on her Shape cover shot, she must feel pretty dang good!

Source: Shape