Why Jenny McCarthy is talking about plane farts is a mystery, but she supposedly shared a story on the subject to People magazine.

"I accidentally farted on an airplane sitting next to a stranger," Jenny reportedly said (via Monsters and Critics). "It was embarrassing because he recognized me and it was a loud and deadly one! I immediately did a little scream and turned on the air vent to get rid of the smell. I then put a blanket over my head, it was horrible."

Thanks for the TMI! It's hard to believe anyone would admit that to the world, but Jenny does love to keep it real. She also supposedly admitted she loves Keeping Up with the Kardashians. "I hate to say it but I like watching all of the Kardashian shows. I love looking at their hair and make-up. That's what I stare at the whole time."

To some people, that might be an even more embarrassing admission!

Source: Monsters and Critics