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Were you around when Jenny McCarthy hosted Singled Out on MTV? She was the It Girl all the guys wanted to, um, "date."

That was the '90s. Jenny is now a 40-year-old mom, and she told In Touch Weekly she's ready to stop being a "serial relationship-er" who goes from one guy to the next.

Now she's enjoying being single, with no plans to date. She has her new talk show,
The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1, and her son, Evan, so "love is low on the totem pole."

She added, “In my twenties, I was searching for my 'ever after.' For the first time in my life, I feel so happy that I’m not searching for anything."

Good for her! That said, she's willing to make an exception. “If someone wanted to set me up with Bradley Cooper, I would say, ‘F--k all the bull---t I just said!’”

Well, BCoop is rumored to have a thing for feet, and Jenny just showed off her new foot tattoo. They may actually be a perfect match!

Source: In Touch Weekly