If you want a famous face to sit in the front row at your fashion event, you have to pony up some big bucks — even if the face isn't that famous.

A number of actresses who are no longer able to snag high-profile acting gigs are still making over six figures to attend Fashion Week events and red carpets, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The actresses mentioned include Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth, who apparently each earned $100,000 per public appearance last year. That's a lot of money to sit and look pretty!

Topping them is Rachel Bilson, as the Hart of Dixie star rakes in $150,000 for an appearance.

Another fashion-event mainstay who doesn't get paid quite that much is Camilla Belle, who earns between $20,000 and $50,000 to sit in the front row at a Fashion Week show or pose at a corporate launch. 

These ladies aren't getting leading film roles as much anymore, but they still bring attention to these events.

Apparently, the only acting these ladies have to do nowadays is pretending they're happy to be at the event.

Source: Hollywood Reporter