Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have never been flashy when it comes to their relationship. The private couple tends to keep things fairly low key. And according to Jessica, they’re keeping that same approach when it comes to their wedding.

Us Weekly reports (via E! News) that Jessica has said that she is not one of those uptight, high-maintenance brides. Jessica is not a "bridezilla.”

“I'm just pretty much cool as a cucumber in general in my life. So no, I'm cool,” she said.

Justin’s attitude about his relationship seems to be similar. The singer-turned-actor described his wife-to-be as “a really, really, really special person.” Oh, and, “she's really, really hot!”

There’s no denying that.

What do you guys expect in terms of a wedding from the chill couple? Will it be a big gathering or something smaller?

Source: Us Weekly

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