Credit: Fame Pictures Photo: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Dine out on September 13, 2011

After weeks of speculation, Jessica Simpson has finally revealed that she's pregnant!

Sources told OK! Magazine that Jess, 31, is really enjoying her pregnancy. She said, “Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It’s just sort of a rule with pregnant women.”

Jessica and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, 32, were planning to wait until after they tied the knot to get pregnant, but they are overjoyed by the news. “Jessica is so excited,” a friend revealed.

However, the couple is still unsure of when the wedding will take place. Jess recently said, “We’re enjoying our commitment to each other. We want to take our time ... We might elope if it gets to that point.”

Like any true celeb, Jessica knows how to cash in on impending motherhood. According to the New York Post, savvy Simpson sold her pregnancy story to OK! for a reported half-million dollars. Hey, momma's gotta pay the baby bills, right?

Sources: OK! Magazine, New York Post