Jessica Simpson does like to share details about her life — see her Weight Watchers ads and upcoming TV show based on her life. But she may not like this.

According to Celebuzz, Keri Johnson — ex-wife of Jessica's fiancé and baby daddy, Eric Johnson — may write a tell-all book that would include the period when Eric started dating Jessica while he was supposedly still married to Keri. A source told the site that Keri just wants to be honest. "Keri wants to detail the divorce from her own perspective and what happened, and inevitably Jessica would be a part of that. She would talk about how they were so public with their relationship during her divorce.”

Juicy! But apparently the book — if it even happens, which isn't 100 percent settled — wouldn't be a total Jessica-bashing fest. 

"Of course she was very upset, but Keri’s not going to make Jessica the focus of the book," the source said. "She wants it to have a greater purpose and thinks she can share an interesting story. She wants the book to provide insight into how to cope with divorce and make life transitions.” 

Interesting. By the way, is this Keri friends with Brandi Glanville? If not, she probably should be. 

Source: Celebuzz