Everyone was surprised when Jessica Simpson got pregnant a second time — especially Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson. They are thrilled to be expecting a son this summer, but never planned to share their pregnancy news just months after the May 1 birth of daughter Maxwell Drew.

A source told OK! Magazine that Jessica is going to make sure a third baby doesn't come along this time next year. Or possibly ever.

"Jessica is going to be a LOT more careful after her son is born and has vowed to take a serious breather from anymore baby making for at least two or three years," the source said. "Both Jessica and Eric are very hands on parents and they want to be able to enjoy their time with Maxwell and her brother, when he arrives, as much as possible, in addition to working on their relationship together. ... Jessica's priority after the baby arrives is going to be finalizing the details of her and Eric's wedding and then she is going to concentrate on their marriage and on their family."

Sounds like the right priorities. There's nothing wrong with having baby after baby — the Duggars are famous for it! — but it's always good to have a plan instead of feeling like things are just happening faster than you expected. This revised 1) Second Baby, 2) Wedding, 3) Family Bonding plan sounds pretty good. Best of luck!

Source: OK! Magazine