Jon Gosselin, former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, has a new lady in his life - and a few more kids too. Liz, Jon’s new girlfriend of four months, is a mom to three herself, according to RadarOnline.

Apparently Jon doesn’t mind increasing his brood. “I got used to cooking for 9 and now I am cooking for 13, it’s not bad, I just open one more jar!” he said.

Jon says their kids are big fans of each other too. “Most of the time we do things with 11 children, and my kids are older and love her kids. They look so cute together, her three little blondes, with mine who are all dark haired, it’s like these are mine and those are yours.”

That’s good. When you have that many, some sort of color coding system would seem to be in order.

Source: RadarOnline

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