As most Mad Men fans are painfully aware, AMC's award winning show, which returns to the small screen on March 25, has been off the air for well over a year. The Season 4 finale aired in October of 2010. Yes, you read that right.

So why the delay? Well, there's a long, rather fascinating history of troubled contract negotiations behind the wait, but we're partial to the explanation star Jon Hamm (Don Draper) busted out on the Late Show last night.

"These decisions get made at a much higher pay grade then I'm allowed to partake in," Jon said. "I've described it thusly, and I got in trouble, so I'll do it again the same way: When billionaires fight it takes a lot longer to settle. So...So, we had some very wealthy people determining how long we would be off the air."

There you have it: Mad Men's long hiatus is just one more thing to blame on the 1 percent. 

Check out Jon's full interview here.

Source: The Late Show With David Letterman

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