He's not even joking!

Josh Duhamel has been talking a lot about his upcoming baby with wife Fergie, and he told People, “I actually look forward to that stuff that people warn you about. I don’t mind waking up and dealing with the middle of the night stuff. I wake up early anyway. So I’m definitely ready for it. More so than I’ve ever been.”

Let's all check in with him a couple of months after the baby is born, shall we? (Then again, he and Fergie have enough money to hire help if they just want to nap during the day or something.)

Josh, 40, said he's more patient and wise than he was in his 20s and he's "just looking to raise a good person." He's been coaching the little person along, as he/she grows in Mom's belly. “I’m trying my best to communicate from beyond the womb. Whether it can hear me, I don’t know, but I’m talking to it a lot."

He sounds so endearingly excited — and maybe he will enjoy all the stuff people complain about. After all, who doesn’t love a good dirty diaper?

Source: People