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Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have been dating for about seven years, but he's keeping secrets from her — including his life as Pacey on Dawson's Creek.

She hasn't seen any of the '90s show, nor has she seen his early films like
The Mighty Ducks.

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"He doesn’t want me to watch [his early work]," Diane told Flare magazine. "He grew up in front of the camera with pimples and bloatiness." Or so he says! His fans know better. He started out cute and is now officially hot.

It sounds like Diane's tastes are pretty mainstream when it comes to hot young lovers, so she might actually love Dawson's. As she admitted to Flare, “I actually happen to be a big Twilight fan, which I’m not embarrassed to say. It sort of appeals to my inner teenage girl.” So would Pacey!

Source: Flare