Credit: Julianne Hough on Instagram Photo: 1363531212juliannehough1.jpg

Breakups are hard no matter the circumstances, or who dumped who, especially when you’re clocking in at over two years together. But a picture Julianne Hough posted on her Instagram yesterday leads us to believe the starlet is on her way to recovering from her very recent split with Ryan Seacrest.

“Beachin' with my bitches" was the caption Julianne added to the photo she uploaded of herself smiling among a group of grinning girlfriends that included Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev. US Weekly reports that the Safe Haven actress enjoyed some essential girly time before heading shoreside for fun in the sun. The flock of ladies went to a hair salon for some proper primping.

Credit: Nina Dobev on Instagram Photo: 413089420487390304206022012.jpeg

Nina also seized the moment on her Instagram, adding a picture of herself in a car with the caption, “Rolling to the beach with a roller in the hair hahaha.”

What a fun sounding time! Though we’re a little confused by the order of the day’s events. The girls got their hair done and THEN went to the beach?      

Either way, sounds like the perfect way for a broken heart to begin its healing -- with good friends and sunshine. Even if Julianne is still hurting, at least the pain is all inside -- wouldn’t want that salt from the ocean water rubbing in any wounds!

Source: Us Weekly