Julie Bowen always has a child-rearing story to tell. The Modern Family mom of three boys usually shares funny mishaps, but she told the L.A. Times about an allergy scare her oldest son had when he was not quite 2 years old.

The boy somehow managed to hit the allergy jackpot when Julie said he was eating peanut butter and got stung by a bee — simultaneously. (!) Julie said they weren't even sure what the trigger was, but he went into anaphylactic shock. "His entire face swelled up, his eye swelled shut, and his lips became giant," Julie told the L.A. Times.

Julie and her husband took him to the ER and he was treated with epinephrine. He had eaten peanut butter before, Julie said, so she didn't immediately think that was the allergy. "Our son's reaction to his allergy was very dramatic, but I've been over at a friend's house and she was having nuts and her child had a slight reaction that my friend ignored. There's this wave of kids who have food allergies. It's a big deal; it's a reality." Read the full story for more of her comments.

It's scary, but also confusing, since — was he more allergic to the peanut butter or the bee sting? If he'd had peanut butter before and was fine, are they sure it was the nuts that triggered the huge reaction and not the bee? Better to be safe than sorry with the nuts, but also keep him away from bees!

Sources: L.A. Times, UsMagazine.com

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