We all know that Justin Bieber is swaggy  but it sounds like he just might be maturing, too.

Justin apparently has confessed to Selena Gomez that he knows he needs to change his ways, according to Hollywood Life.

“Justin admitted that he has a lot of growing up to do,” a source says. 

The pair are still reportedly figuring out whether to officially get back together, so they want to avoid the pitfalls of their first go-round.

“They want to make sure that if they get back together, they can do it right,” the source continues.

Well, we are certainly getting some signs that the Biebs might be taking baby steps toward improving his image. Last week, he earned praise for stopping his Turkey concert twice for the Muslim prayer call.

Somehow, we think that a younger, more self-absorbed Bieber might not have felt it necessary to stop his music for anything.

So will Justin really change for Selena? We're thinking that the answer is, "Baby, baby, baby, possibly."

Source: Hollywood Life