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Is Selena Gomez always going to be Justin Bieber's?

It appears that these two cuties never can say goodbye, as they were spotted together watching a performance by girl group Young LA on Febraury 2 in Los Angeles, according to Hollywood Life.

Justin and Selena apparently both sat in the front row during the concert.

A fan at the show, who tweets under the handle @RicciMusic, wrote: "Saw a great showcase by @YLA_Music and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were sitting right in front of me. #WelcomeToLosAngeles"

Now, they're both headed to New York City. Selena will attend a fashion event this Wednesday, while Justin is hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday.

So is Jelena back on? And is this a good thing? To paraphrase Justin, we'll answer that last question with: "Baby, baby, baby... maybe."

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