So it wasn't just a fluke that Selena Gomez happened to fly to Oslo, Norway, right before Justin Bieber's latest concert.

TMZ released a report on it yesterday, showing Selena at the airport, and today Us Weekly says there was indeed a Jelena reunion. Selena was reportedly waiting for Justin backstage after the show. "They have a crazy connection," a source said. "They just can't seem to break their connection. It can be intense." (Side note: Why do so many sources lack names? Why couldn’t someone go on the record with that quote — it’s not exactly incriminating. Anyway...)

This isn't the first time Justin and Selena have seen each other since their big New Year's breakup — and they've split-and-reunited several times in the past — but last we heard they were still in the "off" stage. According to TMZ, Justin has been feeling "tortured" by Selena's mixed messages. She was just on Ellen DeGeneres's show talking about life after Justin, and what she wants in a future boyfriend.

Is she not done with the last boyfriend? He doesn't seem to be done with her, if TMZ is right about the screensaver photo on his iPhone...

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