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Might this love song have an encore?

Justin Bieber stopped by Selena Gomez's home in Los Angeles on March 27, according to Us Weekly.

"Justin Bieber vistied Selena Gomez at her house this afternoon," an onlooker reveals.

The Biebs  who is briefly back in the U.S. before heading back out on tour in Germany soon  stopped by his ex-girlfriend's home around 3:30 p.m., leaving his security team and driver waiting outside.

Justin reportedly stayed inside Selena's home for about an hour before departing. 

Frankly, we're a bit shocked by this development, even if they were just talking as friends.

After all, Justin and and the "Love You Like a Love Song" singer  who split up in November  had not seemed to be on particularly great terms as of late, with Selena proudly telling Dave Letterman that she made him cry

Howver, Justin reportedly told his friends not to say anything negative about her in response, which may have been a sign that Justin was hoping to be on friendlier terms with her.

So will the two get back together? We suppose you never know.

In other words: Baby, baby, baby, maybe

Source: Us Weekly