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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appear to be fond of Sweden not to mention each other!

The two reunited lovebirds were spotted leaving the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, on April 22, according to Hollywood Life.

Selena and the Biebs were videotaped by fans as the two casually made their way from the hotel into a nearby van and drove off.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Justin is serious about making things work with Selena this time around, and he doesn't care what the naysayers think about their relationship.

“Justin is not listening to anyone and is only interested in Selena and being with her," says a source. "However, he should be careful and watch out for Selena’s true intentions."

As for as Selena's intentions, some insiders close to the couple can't tell yet how smitten Selena is with Justin.

“She was lonely,” the source says. “That is why she reached out to Justin again.”

Being lonely isn't exactly the most romantic reason for a couple to get back together. Still, we have a feeling Selena might just need to feel like she can trust Justin again before she truly commits.

Regardless, it's clear that what happens in Sweden is not staying in Sweden.

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