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All Justin Bieber needs is a beauty and a beat blunt?

Police in Sweden have allegedly found marijuana on Justin Bieber's tour bus after searching the vehicle on April 24, according to TMZ

Apparently, an officer in Stockholm smelled pot smoke coming from Justin's bus at about 7:10 p.m., while it was parked in front of a hotel.

The bus then drove toward the Globe Arena, and so the officer notified a narcotics unit and got a warrant to search Justin's bus.

Cops then searched the bus while it was in the arena's parking garage, and no one was in the bus at the time.

Police reportedly found a "small amount" of narcotics, which local newspapers have identified as marijuana.

They also reportedly found a taser on the bus, which requires a permit.

Sources say that cops do not yet have a suspect and that the bus has not been impounded.

Word has it that the Biebs was spotted in Sweden with his buddy Lil Za just before the pot bust. Lil Za is the same guy who had been reportedly photographed while smoking weed with Justin in L.A. recently.

There was also controversy when Justin was photographed smoking weed at the beginning of the year. Justin had apologized for that incident at the time, so we would have thought he'd learned his lesson.

Just when we thought Justin couldn't possibly get into any more trouble this year, this happens.

Source: TMZ