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Justin Bieber apparently doesn't strike everyone as the writer type. 

The pop star took to Twitter on March 20 to tell the world that he's currently busy writing, presumably for a new album, but former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell has called him out on that claim.

On March 20, Drake tweeted at the Biebs: 

Talk about harsh! It sounds like Drake doesn't think Justin does much writing for his albums. Or maybe he thinks Justin is too busy partying these days, given all the recent rumors of Justin-related debauchery.

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Drake, who is 26, is a singer-songwriter himself, but he's best known as Drake from the TV series Drake & Josh. 

Now, Drake can be seen on the celebrity diving show Splash. 

So why would Drake pick a fight with Justin? As far as we know, there's never been any bad blood between these two.

However, Drake might want to avoid checking Twitter for the next few days, as we're guessing the Beliebers are going to have some choice words to tweet at him in response. 

Source: Twitter