Credit: Twitter Photo: Justin Bieber Gives Childhood Friend This Mustang

The best present we ever got from our childhood friend was the horseshoe necklace inspired by Carrie on Sex and the City back in 2000. But when your best friend is Justin Bieber, you can apparently expect something a little jazzier.

According to E!, the 17-year-old mogul gave the vintage Ford Mustang seen here to Ryan Butler, his BFF since they were kids. Ryan tweeted, “Justin got me a present. #swag!!!”

Justin didn’t allude to the super-sexy and stylish ride on his Twitter, however. The Biebs did tweet this instagram on Christmas, featuring him and two “rugrats” smiling for the camera. 

If only these kids knew the original, pre-Bieber definition of Swag: Stuff We All Get. Not, Something Worth a Gajillion dollars! 


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