Another day, another Justin Bieber-related controversy.

A woman who works at the Ottawa concert venue where Justin performed in November has filed a police report alleging that Justin  or someone associated with him  hit her with an object on the day of the concert, according to TMZ.

TMZ is now reporting that the item in question was actually a foam projectile from a — wait for it!  toy Nerf gun.

Justin was apparently playing with the toy guns with his 3-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister when one of the darts struck the woman. It's not every day you hear about a Nerf shooting in the news.

The "victim" is apparently a security guard for the venue, and she was furious about being hit and actually filed a police report. The police are said to be taking this seriously and have begun interviewing witness.

A few days ago, Justin and his posse were accused of cussing at a woman at a gym, with someone supposedly spitting in the woman's water. Suddenly, we're not thirsty.

Of course, if you ask us, this toy gun complaint seems a bit ridiculous. We've heard of gun control, but Nerf gun control?

Source: TMZ