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What happened to Canadians having each other's backs?

The reigning Miss Universe Canada is not a Belieber, as she tells TMZ that Justin Bieber is a douche. Ouch.

Justin is "a bit of a douche," according to Saha Biniaz, who currently wears the crown as the sexiest woman in our neighbor to the north.

So what brought this on? Apparently, Sahar tried to get a photo with the Biebs on the night of March 28, but he totally blew her off.

"That's Justin Bieber for you," she says.

Now, she says she doesn't even want the pic anymore. Clearly, she's still steamed.

Justin is also Canadian, hailing from Ontario, but apparently their shared homeland wasn't enough to earn Sahar a snapshot.

So not even Miss Canada can hang out with Justin? The guy has some tough standards.

Still, we're guessing she isn't going to be a lonely girl, even though Justin blew her off.

Source: TMZ